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The 10-Module Program on the Global Sports Leadership Executive Program offered by the Argentine Football Association (AFA) and FIU's Latin American Caribbean Center (LACC), will begin on Thursday, June 27, 2024 and consist of ten weekly modules on a variety of topics related to sports leadership and end on August 29, 2024. Participants can sign up for the livestream or on-demand sessions. The duration of each module is 2 hours.

The 10-Module Program comprises the following topics: 1) Overview of Football (Soccer) + Governance and Organization + International Competitions + Marketing; 2) Club Governance & Models + Financial Management +Case Study + Differences between Clubs & Federations; 3) Globalization of Football + Brand Building + Successful Cases - How is it done in Practice?; 4Player Management + Transfers & Contracts + Branding + Group Management & Leadership + Psychology; 5) Stadium & Match Day Operations + Travel, Logistics, and Security + Press & Communications + Social Media Role; 6) Sports Science + Nutrition + Welfare + Injuries & Rehabilitation + Technology; 7) Women Soccer, Sports Disciplines and Social Responsibility + Integration; 8) Youth Talent Development + Football Director Role + Academy Structuring + First Team Structuring + Professional Coaching; 9) 1st Hand Coaching National Team experiences, and 10) Masterclass Close Up - AFA President 1-on-1 Q&A - Federation, Confederation & FIFA overview of Future of the Game.


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*If you are interested in taking the 10-Module Program in person contact Carlos Tinoco at 

**Upon purchase of the 10-Module Program, participants will have one year (365 days) to complete the 10-Module Program. This is a non-credit program.

***There could be minor changes in module dates due to the Argentine National Men’s Football Team scheduling during Copa America.

Note: The fees for the Workshops will be set out by FIU at the Site. You agree to pay the respective amount with your registration to access the Workshops. All sales are final. Please note that subscriptions and access to workshops are non-refundable and non-transferable for any reason whatsoever.