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3-Module Program (Module 2, Module 3, Module 7):

3-Module Program (Module 2, Module 3, Module 7). This package includes club governance and models; women's soccer and social responsibility; and the globalization of football, brand building and successful case studies. Participants can sign up for livestream or on-demand sessions. The duration of each module is 2 hours.

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*If you are interested in taking the 3-Module Program in person contact Carlos Tinoco at 

**Upon purchase of the 3-Module Program, participants will have 180 days to complete the 3-Module Program. This is a non-credit program.

***There could be minor changes in module dates due to the Argentine National Men’s Football Team scheduling during Copa America.

Note: The fees for the Workshops will be set out by FIU at the Site. You agree to pay the respective amount with your registration to access the Workshops. All sales are final. Please note that subscriptions and access to workshops are non-refundable and non-transferable for any reason whatsoever.