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Interprofessional Cross-disciplinary Collaboration S03

Ended Apr 29, 2024

Sorry! The enrollment period is currently closed. Please check back soon.

Full course description

The faculty of the FIU Interprofessional Cross-Disciplinary (IPCD) Committee welcomes you to this exciting, engaging, and rewarding course on collaboration, which is open to all faculty, staff, and graduate students.

This micro-credential/badge has been developed by the collective insights and efforts of IPCD faculty from nursing, business, law, library science, occupational therapy, and recreational therapy. This course is a testament to the success of interprofessional, cross-disciplinary collaboration. 

This innovative 14-week course will be conducted through weekly asynchronous activities and four synchronous meetings. The courses’ learning modules have been guided by the national framework of IPEC (2016) interprofessional competencies, including ethics and values, roles and responsibilities, communication, and team and teamwork.

The course begins with a zoom meeting of faculty and students to provide a course overview. We will address the purpose and impact of the IPCD micro-credential/badge, introductions of faculty and students, overview of terminology, and consideration of conceptual frameworks and theories related to collaboration. You will be asked to share your views on collaboration and what you hope to learn from the course. We will begin also with the completion of the IPEC Competency Survey. 

Under the Modules tab of the course, you will find the module overview covering the student learning objective, module learning objectives, course content (i.e., readings and videos), assessments, and related grading criteria, which are content and communication oriented. The course assignments include a group project and presentation, an individual discussion board, a discussion based on a role play scenario, a multiple-choice exam, and the culminating final reflection that includes the completion of the post-course IPEC Competency Survey. 

Let the journey begin, as together we strive for successful, productive, and exciting collaborations that enhance our personal and professional lives and move us forward in creative, rewarding, and positive engagement with others and our world.