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Supervising Student Employees at FIU

Started Jul 29, 2021
5 credits


Full course description

At our University, student success is our mission and roughly 30% of our workforce consists of student employees. Giving these very special employees the tools to succeed academically as well as professionally is all of our responsibility as Panthers. As a supervisor of one or more student employees, you will make an incredible impact by helping them develop the crucial skills and Career Readiness competencies they will use to flourish in their post-graduation career. By completing this course you will gain the knowledge and have access to resources needed to successfully supervise a student employee at our FIU. 

After completing this training, supervisors will be able to:

  • Describe the mission and goals of the Career Ready program
  • Describe the importance of student employment
  • Describe their role in the student employment hiring process
  • Recognize basic employment laws that govern employment actions
  • Recognize FIU's workforce policies and procedures that pertain to student employees
  • Identify the key tasks of a supervisor of Student Employees
  • Identify the fundamental skills needed to supervise effectively


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