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FWS Training for Supervisors and HR Liaisons

1 credit


Full course description

As a supervisor of FWS students, your role is pivotal in shaping their success and growth. Through this course, you will gain expertise in the art of hiring and managing Federal Work Study students and stay ahead with the latest insights into the new, streamlined reactivation process. You will elevate your supervisory skills and ensure a seamless journey for both you and your FWS student employees. By viewing the webinar recording and reviewing the presentation slides contained within this course, you will gain valuable knowledge and resources to navigate the entire spectrum of your responsibilities including:

  • Understanding the intricacies of student employment and FWS program eligibility
  • Managing various scenarios that may arise
  • Facilitating a smooth FWS hiring process
  • Mastering the new and crucial process of reactivating FWS students for subsequent semesters within the same business unit

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