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Bouncing Back from Remote Work is a Course

Bouncing Back from Remote Work

Ended Dec 31, 2021
1 credit

Full course description

Bouncing Back from Remote Work – It’s been one year since FIU shifted from onsite work to remote work due to the Coronavirus. Twelve months later, with many successes and challenges, we are back, working on campus. The weight of COVID-19 and all of the stressors brought on by the pandemic is not yet behind us. Returning to work is a step forward, but can also come with misgivings and fears. This workshop will provide participants with supportive guidance for making the transition back to work a more positive experience. We will discuss ways to adapt to this ‘next’ phase along the continuum of reclaiming our life back from the Coronavirus. Attendees will be provided with resources that they can implement to bring about some calm to what has felt like chaos for so long.

Office of Employee Assistance