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Kognito - At-Risk Mental Health for Students is a Course

Kognito - At-Risk Mental Health for Students

Ends Jun 30, 2024


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In this course, you will learn how to recognize when you or a friend need help, how to talk to a friend you’re worried about, and where you or your friend can go for help if the situation is too big to handle on your own.  

This 40-minute interactive learning experience builds awareness, knowledge, and other competencies surrounding mental health. You will get to try out your skills in a simulated conversation with friends to see if you can get them to open up and look for help.

After completing the simulation, you will be better equipped to recognize the signs of emotional stress and how to handle them. You will also learn how to create your own self-care plan.

NOTE: If you are both a student and an employee of the university, we ask that you complete the At- Risk for Faculty & Staff version using your employee credentials.

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