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Fire Safety and Extinguisher Use is a Course

Fire Safety and Extinguisher Use

2 credits

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Full course description

This course is intended for any University faculty, staff, or student wishing to learn about fire emergencies, how to respond to them and take appropriate action, and how to suppress a small fire.

This comprehensive course combines an in-class instruction/theory segment with an outside segment where you will have the opportunity to use of a real extinguisher on a live fire.

The course will cover various fire topics that will ultimately prepare you to be able to:

  • Identify the various classifications of fires and understand how fires/combustion process begins and sustains
  • Recognize and utilize fire emergency equipment
  • Understand FIU building regulations and procedures
  • Evacuate buildings safely
  • Activate the emergency response system
  • Use fire suppression methods to extinguish a fire
  • Handle a fire extinguisher correctly and safely
  • Report incidences