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TA Orientation & Certificate Program



Full course description

This on-demand course for FIU graduate students is facilitated by the Center for the Advancement of Teaching (CAT) and includes the Teaching Assistant (TA) Orientation and the Certificate in University Teaching & Learning program. The course promotes and facilitates the professional development that prepares graduate students for the skills needed in their role as teaching assistants and their future as faculty.


The Orientation is a departmental requirement for incoming TAs that aims to assist TAs with: 1) developing a basic understanding of how to design and facilitate courses and lessons that promote student learning, are supported by evidence, and are accessible to all students, 2) describing salient characteristics of FIU students and articulating some of the corresponding instructional implications, 3) understanding and applying important teaching policies, and 4) developing a better understanding of general TA responsibilities.


After completion of the Orientation requirements, participants have the option of moving on to the Certificate in University Teaching and Learning program within the course. The certificate program is a two-tiered process designed to equip TAs with the foundational skills for successful college teaching and assist TAs in launching their future careers whether within or outside of the academic setting. For details regarding the requirements, please visit the CAT website.

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