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Aquarius Lab Underwater

Introduction to Saturation Diving: Aquarius Operations and Science S03

Ended Feb 24, 2024

Sorry! The enrollment period is currently closed. Please check back soon.

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The Aquarius undersea laboratory remains the world’s last operational saturation diving facility specifically designed and dedicated to scientific research and education in the sea. Aquarius not only represents an extensive history of humans living underwater, but also continues to evolve to capitalize on opportunities.

This course starts by taking students through the illustrative journey of undersea habitats and the development of saturation diving theory and practice. Students then learn the basics of saturation diving operations, equipment and procedures. Finally, an in-depth examination of relevant research missions conducted aboard Aquarius highlighting its’ value to marine science and space exploration. This course is online with the option for certified divers to enroll in a week-long dive experience at the Aquarius Reef Base facility in Islamorada, Florida.

The online components of the class covers saturation diving history and theory, emergency procedures, recompression chamber use, life support considerations, an introduction to surface-supplied diving and practical applications.

Who Should Enroll: Teachers and lifelong learners looking to gain a fundamental knowledge of saturation diving history, operations and its value to the research community.

The week-long dive experience includes the online components of the class and onsite, hands-on introductory training in saturation diving operations, equipment and procedures. Participants in this introductory course gain a basic understanding of what it takes to run a mission as a habitat technician inside Aquarius and as critical support personnel operating from the shore base command center. Aquarius is operated in 1-atmosphere mode during the course to provide extended bottom-times during onboard drills.

Who Should Enroll: Certified divers looking for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to board Aquarius and work side-by-side with habitat technicians. Note: Due to safety equipment limitations onboard Aquarius, enrollment is capped at six (6) students. Subsequent student cohorts may be added if demand dictates.

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