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2021 Summer/Fall: Managers' Webinar on Repopulation is a Course

2021 Summer/Fall: Managers' Webinar on Repopulation

Started Apr 27, 2021
1.5 credits


Full course description

Welcome to the 2021 Summer/Fall: Managers' Webinar on Repopulation course. 

With the approach of our 2021 summer and fall semesters, FIU managers should familiarize themselves with important changes relative to repopulation that have recently been/will soon be implemented. This course will inform you of these updates to policies and procedures at the University so that you are better prepared as a leader to support your employees. 

By viewing the webinar and completing the assessment, you will learn: 

o    What recent updates have been made to FIU’s repopulation plan
o    What are some upcoming changes to childcare policies for FIU employees initiated by the pandemic
o    What impact have FIU’s vaccination efforts had on our University community
o    What is the status of the Evaluative Hiring Process and what are some new/upcoming updates to this process 

In addition, viewing this webinar will inform you of important updates to the following: 

o    The Division of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
o    The Office of Civil Rights Compliance & Accessibility
o    The Americans with Disabilities Act


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